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The Moogh

The Moogh is the best thing that ever happened to Maggie Tarp (26). She’s escaped her humble origins through a prestigious job as the Moogh Reporter for the Fractious News Network. The position has her working in the Moogh Zone, embedded with, the shadowy organisation that won the UN contract to manage Moogh affairs.

Maggie has been with the Moogh – the handsome and mysterious, eleven-foot tall primate – from the very beginning. On that morning in 2009, the Moogh ambled out of a forest and changed the world forever. When people see the Moogh they run towards it screaming with joy, believing it to be a messenger of peace and the planet. As a new-age global sensation, the Moogh has over a billion facebook friends, its profile nurtured by’s cunning social media team.

Unfortunately for Maggie, her bosses at Fractious News don’t like the touchy-feely stories that she writes about spirituality and Moogh philosophy, and her job hangs in the balance. So they pair her up with hot-shot journalist, Perrin Speer, hoping to boost her ratings. Sparks fly and Maggie rejects everything that Perrin tries to teach her.

When Perrin falls foul of and nearly gets himself murdered, Maggie suddenly sees the gritty politics playing out around her. She’s trapped in the middle of a deadly power-struggle and is killing people to hide its dark secret. As the Moogh Zone descends into chaos, Maggie learns that the Moogh also keeps a planet-sized secret and that she is the only one who can get the story.

The Official Moogh Flag.

Some more Moogh insights:

When people see a monster walk out of a forest they run away screaming in terror.

However, at the first sight of the Moogh, people run ‘towards’ it screaming for joy. 

The Moogh incites powerful feelings of euphoria and a strong sense that everything will be alright, afterall.

In extreme cases, people suffer mass hysteria and they faint in the presence of the Moogh.

The Moogh has a cult-like following of millions and has been named by the United Nations as an Ambassador Peace and Sustainability.

It is watched over by, a shadowy group that won the corrupt tender process to manage all of Moogh affairs.

The Moogh was first seen by a human on the morning of January 3, 2009. On this day, it ambled out of a Greek cork forest.

The Moogh's first amble is called the Genesis Amble and is chronicled in the offical Moogh Clock, below.

The Moogh Symbol of Unspecified Gender
also known as : 'none of your business'

Symbol of Moogh Coin

The Official News Partner of
All-female hit-squad in new Moogh killing.
by Perrin Speer
A man was killed in the Moogh Zone today. Thomas Watt, 32, died from a gunshot wound to the head as he approached the Moogh. Moogh correspondent, Perrin Speer, witnessed the killing, saying that it was carried out by a secretive all-female hit-squad called Mooginjas. This new killing brings to 43 the number of people killed around the cute but deadly animal. It sheds new light on the lengths to which management agency will go to protect the Moogh. “ is a rogue organization at odds with its pacifist charter,” says Prof. Frotter from the Institute of Planetary Phenomena.

‘Nuke the Moogh’ comment retracted by Big General
by Maggie Tarp
In a stunning reversal, The Big General has denied that the US Military plans to use nuclear weapons to ‘neutralize’ what they refer to as the Moogh Threat. According to the General, the Moogh is a transboundary threat to international order, as well as a potential source of new weapons technology and a new global pandemic known as Moogh Flu.The Big General had previously threatened to annihilate the Moogh with a W-61 nuclear weapon. “When I said that we planned to nuke the Moogh with a 240 kiloton warhead, I meant that figuratively,” the Big General said. The reversal follows outrage at the General’s comments by the Adherents, the ten thousand permanent followers of the Moogh.

Something beautiful has begun
by Marequa Taard
Something happened today that will mark the beginning of a new era. Outside of a small Greek village, a mysterious creature ambled out of a cork forest. Standing four meters high, the Moog, as it has come to be known, is accompanied by thousands of birds and insects. It ambles across the landscape and then stops, completely still, like a statue. Where-ever it ambles, flowers grow in its footprints. The Moog draws a crowd of thousands. Young girls scream and faint in its presence. Those who are more composed provide order. Around the Moog, everyday people become heros. Some new has begun. Something beautiful and good.

Moog Stats (past 7 days)
Distance: 6.7 km - Amble Speed: 2.3 kmh - Poses: 14 Pose duration: 29 hours - Cry Events: 3 (dead bird, polluted river, urban development). Facebook likes (total): 1,203,433,322 - Moog deaths (total): 43