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Moogh Beginnings

<< Guy Lane on the CityCat.

The Moogh was written between 20 March and 30 September, 2015 during regular commutes between home and QUT University on the Brisbane River CityCat ferry service.

During that time


>> The CityCat departs QUT terminal.

During this period, Guy studied a Master of Business, majoring in Philanthropy and Not for Profit Studies. He also co-founded the Long Future Foundation.

Guy Lane viewed from the keyboard.


Losing Marbles

<< Guy Lane pretends to be the Moogh.

They say that novelists can flit between creative genius and insanity. "Well, let me be clear on one thing: I don't flit!" Having said that, looking at this picture (of Guy wearing a Moogh Mask and imitating the Moogh in a pose) maybe there is something to that statement. Needless to say that he was keeping a watchful eye for the men in white suits through those two narrow eye holes.

The Moogh

The idea of the Moogh was prompted by a Japanese dumpling. "I used to take a bus that passed a Japanese restaurant. On the outer wall of the restaurant was their logo, a dumpling shaped face. I started thinking, how do I take a Japanese dumpling and turn it onto a pop-culture icon for sustainability."

Cover Artwork

The pictures below show the progression of cover design ideas dating back to when the Moogh was called the Moog. Next was the version with the Binki monkey face (oh, boy, was that a story...). Later came the themes around the violence that accompanies peace and the Moogh and Cross Branches - simultaneously a symbol of peace (olive branches) and of violence (pirate flag). The Moogh with Blood was a feature for a while but dropped at the last moment to make the cover look cleaner.




Media Releases

19 Nov 2015 Queensland Writer Entices Environmental Revolution via Supanova
16 Sept 2015 Brisbane writer pens novel riding CityCat ferry
8 Sept 2015 Australian novelist gambles on Moogh Coin

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Large Moogh cover

About Guy Lane Fiction Writer

Guy Lane is a fiction writer and artisanal publisher based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

He has been writing fiction since age 17 and began writing novels since 2006 following a trip to Dubai.

He has five novels, The Oil Price, Yongala, Intervene, The Personal Assistant and The Moogh.

Guy has an Environmental Science degree and has worked as a sustainability advisor since 2000 when he establsihed a consultancy called SEA O2.

Guy is a co-founder of the Long Future Foundation and his fiction wrtiting seeks to communicate sustainability themes to a wide audience.

More on Guy's work here.