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Dictionary of Moogh English

*See General Notes on pronunciation and spelling at document end.

255, 202, 0 – (#FFCA00) the RGB colour code for Moogh Orange and also the official designation of an individual of unspecified gender. It is also colour of Lagom, just the right amount.

Cavete Iniquitate Quae Est Ex Pace – (Latin) the official motto of the Moogh Underground. It translates to: Beware the Violence that Accompanies Peace. It is reference to’s heavy-handed management of the Moogh Zone.

Declaration of the Adherents – an international agreement of the United Nations General Assembly that established a Peace Park around the Moogh and the United Nations division of Moogh Affairs (UNMA).

Enlightenmoogh – the spiritual and ecological enlightenment that comes to people who spend time in the presence of the Moogh.

Entourage – all of the animals, particularly birds and insects that accompany the Moogh. These include honeybees that feed on the Moogh Daisies

Flybys – a derogatory term for temporary visitors to the Moogh Zone. So named after ‘Fly by Night’ an untrustworthy or unreliable. Most are day-trippers who pay a hefty entrance fee.

Genesis Amble – the first observance by a human of the Moogh ambling on 3 January 2009. A Greek farmer who observed the Moogh ambling out of a cork forest first reported the Genesis Amble.

Lagom – a Viking word that describes an optimal portion, just the right amount. It is used as a greeting amongst the Adherents.

Level-4 – (or Level-4 Moogh Security) all female security force recognizable for their stunning looks and immaculate mil-fash (military-fashion) uniforms. They wear white cork-leather cat suits with red straps and knee-high boots made of red cork leather. They are armed with Rhinox-25 stun guns, Walther pistols and carbon-steel trench knives. Level Four provide front line security around the Moogh and also accompany Maxine and other executives for personal protection. They are colloquially referred to as 'stunners with stunners'. – the not-for-profit organization that was awarded the monopoly management rights over the Moogh. was founded and Chaired by Russian national, Maxine Slivkin.

Moogh Aficionados – a generic term for anyone who has a particular liking or interest in the Moogh.

Moogh App – the official social media platform for It features the Moogle map, Moogh messenger, and Moogh Casino amongst other features.

Moogh Approach Protocol – the official protocol for approaching the Moogh. Level–4 Moogh Security are charged with ensuring that the protocol is properly followed and they have been known to use deadly force when the protocol is not followed.

Moogh Bees – a generic term for fat and healthy bees laden with pollen and full of nectar that have fed on the Moogh Daisies.

Moogh Capital – the privately owned company commissioned by to provide goods and services necessary to manage the Moogh Zone. Maxine Slivkin founded Moogh Capital and she is the CEO and major shareholder.

Moogh Casino – an online gambling platform that uses Moogh Coin as currency. The statistical probabilities employed in the various bets leads to an average win for the house of 2.7%. Moogh Casino runs a net profit of millions a day.

Moogh Coin – a unique crypto-currency developed by Maxine Slivkin and used as the exclusive currency inside the Moogh Zone and for gambling in the Moogh Casino. At time of writing, Moogh Coin can be bought for US$230 each. Moogh Coin is generated through a complex algorithm known as Proof of Amble.

Moogh Coin Mining Rig – the mobile infrastructure used for creating (mining) Moogh Coin. The mining rig is comprised of thousands of Moogh ASIC computers inside a 40ft shipping container. A mobile refrigeration plant keeps the Moogh Coin mining cool. A 5 Megawatt gas turbine generator made from an adapted Mig jet engine mounted on a Russian armoured personnel carrier powers the Moogh Coin mining rig and the refrigeration unit. The generator is fuelled with Jet A1 fuel that is delivered daily in tankers.

Moogh Daisies – a generic term for the profusion of flowers that grows rapidly in the footprints of the Moogh. Moogh Daisies are the preferred food of bees which get fat off the nectar. It is possible to determine the path of the Moogh's amble, by following the Moogh Daisies. Huge clusters of these daisies grow where the Moogh has remained for a time during its pose

Moogh Emoticon – the official icon of the Moogh. It is formed from nine separate graphic elements representing each of the Moogh’s nine poses. These elements include four curves (skull, chin, snout and mouth), two straight, vertical lines (eyes), two dots (nostrils) and one invisible element known only to senior executives of

Moogh English – developed by Maggie Tarp, Moogh English represents the official spelling and definitions regarding the Moogh.

Moogh Euphoria – an overwhelming sense of catharsis and that everything will be okay after. It is an emotional state often felt by people who spend time around the Moogh.

Moogh Fence – a protective barrier that surrounds the Moogh. Its form and distance from the Moogh varies according to terrain, perceived risk and other factors. Sometimes it is a rope held up by stakes driven in the ground. Other times it might be security personnel with arms interlinked, or even a picket fence.

Moogh Flag – the official flag of the Moogh that features a Moogh orange background with Moogh Emoticon and two crossed olive branches underneath. This design is referred to as ‘Moogh and Cross Branches’, a play on skull and cross bones, the infamous pirate flag, the Jolly Roger. Some variants of the Moogh Flag also incorporates the Latin words: ‘cavete iniquitate quae est ex pace’ which translates to ‘beware the violence that comes with peace’.

Moogh Flu – a hypothesized pandemic that is caused by viruses that move from Moogh to human that could kill off most of humanity. Whilst the World Health Organization dismisses the concept of Moogh Flu, it is a constant narrative of the Pentagon as a justification for ‘neutralizing the Moogh threat’ as they call it.

Moogh Happy – a combined sense of contentment and awareness that comes from having a disciplined, inquisitive mind and a positive affect. Not to be confused with Moogh Euphoria, which is something very different, indeed

Moogh Honey – the name given to honey that is made by bees that have collected nectar from Moogh Daisies. Moogh Honey is notoriously sweet and moreish and is used to make an intoxicating brew called Moogh Mead. Moogh Honey is also used medicinally for treating scratches, headaches, bee stings and even hangovers.

Moogh Infrastructure – all the structures, materiel and equipment that is required for the proper management of the Moogh and the people who interact with it. It includes the Moogh Fence, Moogh HQ bivouac complex, the Adherent’s Tent City, the Moogh Radio truck and all the security apparatus. Moogh Infrastructure is continually being moved to maintain its appropriate proximity to the Moogh.

Mooghmania – a form of mass-hysteria in people around the Moogh characterised by uncontrollable screaming, and incidents of mass swooning. These psychological phenomena were commonplace in the early days when there was inadequate crowd control around the Moogh.

Mooglemap – a google map over-laid with Moogh Data including details of its ambling, posing and cry events. The Mooglemap is available through the Moogh App.

Mooghology – the official study of all things relating to the Moogh. Professionals in this field are referred to as Mooghologist. Mooghologist – a professional scientist who studies the Moogh.

Moogh Mead – an intoxicating brew made from Moogh Honey. People who drink Moogh Mead report having intense, psychedelic dreams of a future utopian world in which there are no wars or fossil fuels and the oceans are not choked with non-biodegradable plastic. Production of Moogh Mead is strictly controlled by although many people risk prosecution by operating their own beehives and distilleries.

Moogh Orange – the official colour of the Moogh with the colour code RGB 255, 202, 0 or #FFCA00. Moogh Orange is the official colour of ‘unspecified gender’ and the colour of Lagom, just the right amount.

Moogh Poses – the positions in which the Moogh holds is body when it is stationary. Shown below is the official Pose Number and colloquial name.

• Pose #1 I’ve forgotten something

• Pose #2 My shoelace is undone

• Pose #3 My head’s on fire

• Pose #4 Stargazer

• Pose #5 Snail’s pace

• Pose #6 Dr. Good

• Pose #7 Atten Hut!

• Pose #8 Swan Dive

• Pose #9 From whence it came

Moogh Salute – the highly symbolic, official greeting of Moogh Aficionados. It is performed with a two-fingered victory sign with the left hand, held horizontally across the chest with the knuckles adjacent to the heart. The ‘V’ shape is symbolic of victory and also of strength, representing the two fingers used to draw a bowstring. The ‘V’ emanating from the left to the right also represents the increase in natural capital and decrease in human demand for natural capital as per the Long Future Diagram. The proximity to the heart symbolizes honesty and love.

Mooghsphere – the totality of every thought, image, idea, product or conceptualization of the Moogh, around the world. The Mooghsphere did not exist prior to January 3, 2009. The Mooghsphere will persist until the last human forgets that the Moogh ever existed, which may never happen.

Moogh Security – the multiple agencies responsible for providing security for the Moogh and the people and infrastructure that surrounds it. Front line security is provided by and incudes the feared Level-4. United Nations Moogh Affairs provide security recognizable by their orange and blue helmets. There there are various police and military forces associated with the host country in which the Moogh is located. There is also a secret sniper-assassin team called Moogh Ninjas although they are rarely seen.

Moogh Tears – the lacrimal fluid that is ‘drawn’ from the Moogh during Moogh Tear events. Colloquially, these are referred to as crying, but Moogh English prohibits the word crying in this context. Moogh tears are drawn about once a month that these events prompt the Adherents and many other people around the world to cry at the same time.

Moogh Underground – the official protest movement against the institutions that surround the Moogh. A mysterious character called Satoshi Nakamoogho heads Moogh Underground. However, it has never been properly established if Nakamoogho is a male, female, 255, 202, 0 or a committee.

Moogh Zone – an internationally designated Peace Park in a 10-kilometer radius around the Moogh that is mandated by the United Nations Moogh Affairs, Declaration of the Adherents.

Moografitti – graffiti that uses Moogh iconography. There are two main variants, that which conforms to graphic design specifications and that which is adapted by the Moogh Underground.

Nonsticks – the colloquial name for disgruntled Adherents who leave the order without permission. Nonsticks make up the bulk of the membership of Moogh Underground. They are called non-sticks because they no longer adhere.

NOTAM – (Notification to Approach the Moogh). A NOTAM is obtained via submitting a request through the Moogh App. It is the official mechanism that Moogh Security uses to determine who has been given permission to approach the Moogh. Maxine Slivkin approves all NOTAMs.

Pilgrimoogh –the journey of spiritual significance to visit the Moogh undertaken by millions of people.

Planetary Boundaries – an initiative of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, the Planetary Boundaries framework describes scientifically based levels of human perturbation of the Earth System upon which modern societies are dependent. The nine boundaries listed alphabetically include:

• Atmospheric aerosols

• Biogeochemical flows

• Biological diversity

• Climate Change

• Freshwater Use

• Land System Change

• Novel entities

• Ocean Acidification

• Stratospheric Ozone

Rhinox-25 – en electric stun gun used by the ferocious Level-4 security. It is so named becuase it can stun a rhinocerous at 25 metres.

The Moogh – a bipedal, ape-like organism that mysteriously appeared in a field in France in January, 2009 and quickly developed a massive international following as a global messenger of peace and sustainability.

The Amble and Pose of Moogh Destiny – a concept held by Adherents and other Moogh aficionados about what the Moogh would do if humans did not interfere with it. It is also used to describe optimal management practices of the Moogh Zone.

United Nations Moogh Affairs – (UNMA) the UN division established to co-ordinate the international management of the Moogh and the humans who interact with it. UNMA is a joint initiative of United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and United Nations Economic and Social Co-operation Organization (UNESCO).

UNMA – United Nations Moogh Affairs. See above.

W61 – a variable yield nuclear weapon developed by the US military. The bomb's explosive yield can be varied between 0.3 and 340 kilo tons. A kiloton is equivalent to a thousand tons of TNT high explosive and the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima had a yield of 15 kilotons - so the W61 going off with full yield is about 22 times more poweful. There are about 340 of these weapons built and they can be delivered by aeroplanes. There was some speculation that the Big General wanted to nuke the Moogh with a W61 to "neutralise the Moogh threat."


General Notes on pronunciation and spelling.

Moogh English preferentially uses words with assonance rather than alliteration. A, O, U are in, E and I are out. With the exception of Level-4, Moogh English disavows hyphens and prefers either capitals for two word names (e.g. Moogh Zone) or the combination of two words into one (e.g. Mooghsphere). The distinction between the two are somewhat arbitrary.