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we need the moogh

The Moogh is not just a book, it is also a serious message:

  • our planet is dying
  • we humans are the cause
  • it needn't be this way

For over 3 billion years, there has been a living skin on the surface of Earth called the BIOSPHERE.

Besides the humans, hundreds of millions of different organisms including trees, whales, worms and bacteria live in the soil, the ocean and the atmosphere.

This incredible, interconnected web of life is like a single organism, wrapped around our planet, providing us with air, water and food.

But we humans have made this sphere of life sick with all of our motor cars, plastics, fossil fuels and and by chopping down, digging up and destroying the fabric of nature.

If the biosphere were a person, they would be in intensive care now with their family waiting by the bedsite.

Now, we all know that this is not some quirky little problem that just popped up out of nowhere, it has been going on for decades, centuries, even.

Unfortunately, the situation is now so bad that many scientists think that that the biosphere will soon collapse and all the humans will be gone by the end of this century.

This is called the SHORT FUTURE.

As the author of the Moogh, I am concerned that this may be true.

However, I also believe that we humans maybe smart enough to avoid a catastrophe of our own making - and this is where the Moogh comes in.

How crazy is the weather today? The map shows live data of sea surface winds.
These are an indicator of storm events. Data from EarthNullSchool

The Moogh is catalyst to help the public wake up and take action.

If we fix can our global ecological problem, we humans can enjoy another billion years on this awesome planet. That is so cool!!!

We call this the LONG FUTURE and it is what we deserve, but we need to start changing the way we behave real soon, like TODAY!

Whether we humans enjoy a Long Future or Short Future is determined by the sum of all the actions that we take from now on.

This Long Future Sustainability is serious business.

In the few weeks prior to this page being written, the Pope of the Catholic Church released an encyclical calling upon us all to make the necessary changes to save the Earth. President Obama sat down with David Attenborough and called for a rapid transition away from fossil fuels. And earlier this year, the Rockerfeller Foundation - established by the very family that invented the oil industry - publicly announced its permanent divestment from fossil fuels.

These are very clear signs that some of the most powerful people on Earth are acknowledging the dire plight that we humans face if we do not make substantial changes to the way that the humans live on this planet.

When the most powerful people are worried that we have run out of time, you ought to be worried too.

I created the Moogh to show that there are limits to what we can do on this planet. The Moogh was created to draw attention to the work of the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the nine planetary boundaries that we humans need to respect if we want to enjoy a Long Future on Earth.

Unfortunately, we have already exceeded four of the nine planetary boundaries and our global economic system is so hungrry and out of control that it is almost certain that the others will be exceeded unless we change course. Specifically, we have overwhelmed the natural cycles of nitrogen and phosphorous and this is leading to dead zones in the ocean. We have also killed off and made extinct so many types of animal and plant that genetic diversity of the Earth's wildlife is under threat.

We have exceed the limits of climate change due to our endless use of fossil fuels and we have manipulated land systems so much that we have exceed this boundary, too.

This is not an academic issue for just the scientists to worry about. We humans may face extininction within YOUR lifetime.

Some say that we have already triggered the runaway greenhouse effect, human civilization will be baked out of existence by 2030, and there is nothing can be done about it. They call this Near Term Human Extinction.

Personally, I hold a more optimistic view; but it's not much more optimistic. I say that we have not gone over the tipping point, we are on the edge of it. Either way, it is time to act.

There is much work to be done in transforming the global economy to make it sustainable assuming that it is possible to wrest control from the mad-people who are running the planet into the ground right now. If we are ever able to talk sense to the superclass, this is what we might tell them: we need to need to rapidly change:

FROM : the inefficient use of finite energy sources such as coal, oil, gas and uranium that are polluting,  causing conflict around the world and running out; the destruction of natural capital including forests, fisheries, farms, freshwater, flora and fauna; the inequitable distribution of wealth and opportunity leading to globalised unhappiness.
TO : the efficient use of clean, climate friendly energy from sources such as solar, wind and waves that will never run out and are so abundant that they do not foster conflict; the profitable restoration of natural capital including forests, fisheries, freshwater, farms, flora and fauna; the fair and efficient distribution of wealth and opportunity leading to a globalised happiness.

These ideas first crystallized in my mind in November 2000 and from that day, I have dedicated my professional and most of my personal life to this cause. I write fiction novels seeking to share the wisdom of my profession with as wide an audience as possible.

I do this hoping to spark a global revolution that will incite the majority to respond to this existential crisis of human civilization and forge a new world, a world where we do not need an eleven foot high fictional primate to show us what we are doing wrong.

In the meantime, we do need a Moogh, so please share this message. We are running out of time.

Guy Lane - 2 September 2015

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